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Who is most at risk?

Urogenital Infections afflict over 1 billion women each year. Bacterial Vaginosis affects 12-18% of women in the reproductive age.

Why Healthcare Testing Solutions?

Doctor, we offer your practice:

  • Advanced Technology
  • High Level of Specificity and Sensitivity
  • Providing Clinically Actionable Data
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Online Physician Portal
  • Dynamic Reports with Clinical Decision Tools

Broad and Comprehensive:

  • Over 25 Micro-Organisms from 4 Major Areas
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Aerobic Vaginosis
  • Sexually-Transmitted Infections
  • Candidiasis

Healthcare Testing Solutions provides Clinically Relevant Infection specific Test Panels.

Our Lab utilizes the most advanced PCR Technology*. we provide accurate and actionable answers about the most common infections of the genital tract in less time than traditional testing methods.

The comprehensive Panel includes 25+ assays for bacterial, fungal, protozoal, and mycoplasmal organisms – pathogens and normal flora are included.

A single, routine vaginal swab can be tested using one or all assay panels. Collection Kits include clear instructions, sample collection materials, and secure, convenient transport containers.

Now you can Offer Quick Results for your patients by adding our services today!

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