Why get tested?

 Why test your metabolism?

 It’s a simple one-time metabolic DNA test. The MedTech will collect saliva from your mouth with a buccal swab. Simple. The swab is sent securely to our lab for testing. What Test? Your sample is tested to decide how you metabolize medicine prescribed by your physician. How you process medicine once it gets delivered through your CYP450 pathway. The various enzymes take that drug and make it useful for the prescribed person. Because each person responds differently to prescription drugs, the test informs the doctor if this is helping you.

Metabolic DNA testing checks your primary enzymes for metabolism rate. The primary enzyme uses the CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP1A1, CYP1A2, CYP3A4, CYP3A5, OPMR1. You’re probably thinking what? These are the enzymes that the drug manufacturer’s use to develop and mix medicine so it will work for you. There’s one problem. Not everyone’s internal machinery works the same way. Some people are Normal metabolizers, some Intermediate and some poor phenotypes.

A good example is that most Europeans cannot mobilize some drugs with their CYP2C19 enzyme. Case in point, Statins. The good news is that there are 30 different Statins that your metabolism can use. By getting a DNA test physicians can decide how your metabolites work and get you on a drug that your body will use normally. But, unless you get tested you and your doctor will never know. Get tested and know.


STOP. Your Doctor doesn’t do metabolic DNA testing?  This is the modern age of medicine. Drugs prescribed today can be very right. I have spoken to several people that tell me they double-up on the pills that they take. STOP. Another person told me they don’t feel like the medicine is working properly. STOP. 

Drugs not processed correctly can cause one of the most devastating events. Adverse Drug Reactions kill 100,000+ humans each year.
drug reaction
Don’t be a victim.

Metabolic DNA testing saves lives of Adults and Kids. DNA Testing in Pediatrics

Genetic testing enables Doctors to prescribe the right medicine.
Genetic testing enables Doctors to prescribe the right medicine.





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