PharmD Report

The PharmD report is peer-reviewed, precise, and categorized, giving actionable guidance and is only 2-3 pages in length offering very specific directions to the physician. PharmD interpretations help guide the physician with vital drug/medication decisions.

The PharmD interpretations help guide medical providers with vital drug/medication decisions. They assist physicians by removing the traditional ‘trial and error” or “guesswork” method from the process of prescribing medications.

Our PharmD report will give you an assessment of any risk factors as well as a review of your patient’s PGx testing and how the metabolism of many drugs and drug classes will be affected. You will receive a list of medications with which you should expect normal or wild-type metabolism, with this list of medications you are empowered with the knowledge to make the right choices for your patient. Then, you can consider altering the normal dosing and a list of any drugs for which you should consider using an alternative agent because of concerns for either safety or toxicity.

Note: This is a rule-based interpretation of the genetic test results, and the recommendations regarding drug-drug interactions are stated based on literature review and known risks associated with co-administration. These statements are included as part of a thorough and complete interpretation summary and are not intended to supersede the prescribers clinical judgment.