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The goal of pharmacogenetics is to understand the role that an individual’s genetic make-up plays in how well a medicine works, as well as what side effects are likely to occur in the individual’s body.

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A good example, codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and similar drugs have a warning about prescribing them to patients who are ultra-rapid metabolizers. This is because these drugs are converted to morphine and ultra-rapid metabolizers will convert them to morphine to a greater extent, leading to serious adverse effects. Avoiding these opioids in ultra-rapid metabolizers prevents potentially deadly adverse events.

Dr. Sony Tuteja’s Precision Medicine Accelerator Fund Project

We offer a simple solution for all physician practices!

Prescribing Plavix to a patient who does not metabolize the pro-drug into its active form reduces the anticoagulant effect of Plavix. Pharmacogenetic testing helps identify patients who may not respond well to Plavix so that a different antiplatelet is used.

What drugs metabolize in which CYP450 pathways?

DNA testing is effective for up to 82% of all medications on the market.

Clinic & Practice Benefits

  • Improved Quality of Care for Patients
  • Reduce Liability Exposure
  • Simple Saliva Test
  • Improved Drug effectiveness
  • No Billing Lab handles claims
  • MedTech We train
  • No costs for PGX collection kits or postage
  • No disruption in practice flow

Healthcare Testing Solutions equips providers with the ability to move beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach that defined most of the patient care in the past.

Why does it Matter?
Over 250,000 Americans die each year due to medication-related issues.
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) are the 4th leading cause of death in the US.
Over 2 Million Americans are hospitalized each year due to ADRs.
The rate of ADR requiring hospitalizations is nearly 7x GREATER for a person over the age of 65.
Becoming “Best Practice” to ensure patient safety and reduce provider’s liability.

Avoiding trial and error is the simple answer. If a physician can accurately select the right medication at the right dose during the first patient visit, the healthcare system will gain the following benefits that impact health care cost:

> Reduced number of clinic visits to titrate medications or select new medications.

> Reduced total medication cost because fewer pills are “wasted” because they are not effective.

The foundation of our clinical support is the easy-to-read pharmacogenomic interpretation summary by our team of pharmacists provided to clinicians who test through our affiliated labs.
This PharmD report gives the practitioner an accurate interpretation of the potential medical risks that lurk beneath the surface hidden and unfamiliar with and the unavailability of critical pharmacogenomic information.
Now after further examination of the PharmD report, you will be able to determine if your patient would benefit from another drug; one that their enzymes can work with and react accurately.
Now that’s Personalized Medicine.

We are a USA based company and offer NO services outside of North America.

Our goal at HEALTHCARE TESTING SOLUTIONS is to provide you with the most comprehensive and user-friendly report to mitigate the enormous burden of Adverse Drug Events (ADE’s) that plague our nation’s healthcare system. Therefore, in light of the growing body of evidence that the clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics is associated with reduced morbidity and mortality by attenuating ADR’s while improving drug efficacy, it has become increasingly clear to physicians that pre-emptive genotyping in patients is the new model of “Best Practice.”