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Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse

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The Reasons Why You Need a Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Every day, we are bombarded with toxic metals and chemicals that can have a negative effect on our health. This can include the development of cancer, as well as many other diseases. There are things you can do to prevent these toxic metals from…
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Protect your Telomeres

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Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes that affect how quickly cells age. They are combinations of DNA and protein that protect the ends of chromosomes and help them remain stable. As they become shorter, and as their structural integrity weakens, the cells age and die quicker. The DNA protein structures are…
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Kidney Disease

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Your kidneys are about the size of your fist but they do important work. They help keep you healthy by maintaining just the right balance of water and other substances, like sodium and potassium, inside your body. Unfortunately, if your kidneys start to malfunction, you might not realize it for a long while. Kidney disease…
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Liver Cleanse

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First of all, everybody's liver, over the age of 30 or 40, is what we're seeing is completely toxic. It's like an oil filter in your car, which is just completely clogged up, because your medical doctor or your doctor is not recommending that you keep the inside of your body clean, which is the…
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Iodine Supplements

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Iodine is essential. It will benefit your thyroid function, detoxification efforts, and more. Check out our story about iodine supplements for thyroid deficiency. Your thyroid gland produces the hormones that control and regulate your metabolism. Iodine is the fuel it runs on. Too little iodine and you may experience hypothyroidism, a condition in which the…
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Calcium Deficiency

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There are many medical conditions linked to calcium deficiency. The following list are some of the more common symptoms and side effects: Early bone loss Muscle spasms and cramps Heart palpitations Depression Fatigue Joint pain High Blood pressure Hormone abnormalities Blood clotting problems Gum disease Headaches The above problems are often times medicated before a…
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Metabolic DNA test

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Did you know? A quick and simple Metabolic DNA test could make your medications safer and more effective. A Metabolic DNA test helps your doctor find the best medication and dose for you. Our panel test will show how your body breaks down medications for these common conditions and more: Asthma and COPD Anxiety All…
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Testing for Cancer

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We offer Genetic Testing for Cancer The American Cancer Society has published this article to bring more thought into the process.   [pdf-embedder url=""]   For more information visit:   National Cancer Institute   At-home Genetic Testing You may have seen ads for at-home genetic testing kits. These kits are NOT recommended for assessing cancer risk.…
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BRCA1 Promoter Methylation in Ovarian Cancer

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DNA methylation is a process by which methyl groups are added to DNA. Methylation modifies the function of the DNA, typically acting to suppress gene transcription. DNA methylation is essential for normal development and is associated with a number of key processes including genomic imprinting, X-chromosome inactivation, suppression of repetitive elements, and carcinogenesis. Two of…
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Get started testing patients

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DNA Metabolic Testing   Start with swabbing your cheek. This will tell me which drugs will do good for you and which drugs may harm you. Simple. Smart. Prescribe the right drugs the first time.   Yes, and even on children.                 Enter Practice Information for a Follow…
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