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If you can agree that pharmacogenomic testing is very important to your patients, then you are ready. After all its about helping you prescribe the “Right Medication”, the “Right Dosage” on the “First Attempt”.

The goal of pharmacogenetics is to understand the role that an individual’s genetic make-up plays in how well a medicine works, as well as what side effects are likely to occur in the individual’s body.

Getting Started with DNA Metabolic Testing is easy. Just register your practice and we will contact you with details on how to begin testing.  We will walk you through the ordering your panels, tracking your tests, accessing patient test results through an online portal, as well as interpreting test results through a PharmD report. If needed, we will work with your medical practice to set up a Med-Tech, someone you are comfortable with to do testing and handle all the services aspect.

We offer Free Support and, DNA Testing Kits and, pre-paid postage to our CLIA & CAP Certified Lab.  

This metabolic DNA testing is a simple service for your clinic or medical practice. 

The benefit to your patients is incredible.

We’re a solutions-driven team and I give you my promise; you’ll be happy with your decision to trust Healthcare Testing Solutions with your testing needs.

  • Bob Billings, Founder & CEO


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