Genetic mutation?

How do they cause disease? Each of us contains many slight variations in our genomes that make us unique. Most of these variations have little or no impact on our health. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes if a DNA letter is missing or wrong in a gene’s instructions, it may produce a damaged […]

Warfarin testing

Our doctors note that “with the exception of specific warfarin testing,” pharmacogenetic testing in their patient population has improved clinical decision making and patient outcomes. In one case treating a young woman with chronic pain and “NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) intolerance” in whom pharmacogenetic testing showed to be a poor metabolizer of almost all NSAIDs, […]

Pharmacogenetic testing

Pharmacogenetics Testing vs Pharmacogenomics Testing Results suggest that drug therapy based on individuals’ genetic makeups may result in a clinically important reduction in adverse outcomes. Pharmacogenetic testing and research can reduce the incidence of adverse drug reactions in the resulting clinical, societal, and economic implications. “Genetics” focuses on single genes and their effects, whereas “genomics” […]

DNA Testing

The science of DNA testing has been around for decades. It’s been used to test for paternity, ancestry, disease screening, prenatal testing and more. Since both hereditary conditions and diseases and developing diseases occur on the cellular level, a DNA test can help determine if an individual is at risk, or even exhibits, certain diseases. […]