Pharmacogenomic testing: Relevance in medical practice

Genetic Variations affect ability to metabolize drugs


More than 75% of the population has variations that can change how they react to drugs. Adverse prescription drug reactions kill over 100,000 Americans each year – three times as many are killed by automobiles. Our PharmD report analyzes the patient’s DNA against their medications and provides clear guidelines for prescriptions that will be most effective. Perhaps even more important, Pharmacogenomics can predict what prescriptions will NOT be effective, based on the way your body metabolizes certain enzymes, so patients won’t end up taking a prescription unnecessarily.

Are you prescribing medicine based on what the pharmaceutical industry has told you? This breakthrough science is one of the great promises of genetic testing – is Personalized Medicine – allowing you the physician to deliver health care based on a person’s genotype. An individual’s genetics can suggest optimal dosing levels, cause some medications to be more or less effective, or in some cases lead to avoiding wrong medications that could cause personal harm, DNA Metabolic testing is conducted in the physician’s office by a Medical Tech; which we paid to perform the test. We also cover the cost of DNA kit and shipping to the lab. No cost? Yes, the lab does the billing. No disruption of your current practice flow. We are the Gold Standard in DNA Metabolic Testing.

Identify the Safest, most Effective Medications for your Patients—and which ones to avoid.






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