Ginseng Benefits

Ginseng Fuzion™ is a blend of six powerful, herbal adaptogens which includes the potent American ginseng. Ginseng Fuzion promotes energy and balance.
For centuries, ginseng has been known as a tonic that strengthens the body and boosts its resistance to fatigue. Its natural balancing powers provide energy without stimulants or jitters. A Mayo Clinic study revealed that Ginseng showed good results in helping stimulate physical and mental activity, especially among people who are weak and tired.

Reduce Stress and Promote Mental Balance

As an adaptogen, ginseng is a natural stress fighter that supports the nervous system. It’s subtle support that helps you better cope with stress and moves toward equilibrium. Additionally, research conducted at the Medical School of Nantong University in China as well as information published in the Journal of Dairy Science found that ginseng offers beneficial effects on cognition.

Encourages Physical Health

Ginseng contains ginsenosides, which can help to calm an overactive immune response and soothe reddened and irritated tissue, according to information published in the Journal of Translational Medicine. Additionally, researchers at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center found that Ginseng was a beneficial tool for supporting quality of life.

Supports Sexual Health

A natural aphrodisiac, ginseng heightens sexual performance and response by supporting the cardiovascular system and encouraging normal circulation. A 2002 Korean study reported that 60% of men who took ginseng experienced a heightened sexual response. Research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found similar conclusions.

Unbeatable Quality

Global Healing Center uses only the purest, carefully sourced ingredients to produce the best natural, holistic supplements available. Our customers consistently tell us our natural formulations have helped them tremendously. We stand by our products and offer a 180-day money back guarantee.


Should I take Ginseng Fuzion™ if I’m on medication? It’s best to always consult your prescribing doctor. In general, doctors do not recommend ginseng with MAOIs, blood pressure, or heart medications.


  • What effect does stress have on the body? Stress, especially chronic stress, causes chemical changes and inflammation in the body. It can affect everything from hormonal balance to the way neurotransmitters process information. All of these effects quickly weaken the immune system, cause blood sugar imbalances, thyroid issues, and other health problems.
  • How does Ginseng Fuzion™ promote physical and mental performance? Ginseng owes its benefits to compounds called ginsenosides. It provides the support for energy, vitality, and physical health.



Ginseng Fuzion™ is a premium blend that is Spagyrex® processed for maximum benefits.

Ginseng is known to create balance within the body’s systems.




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