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Do you think everything about your mixed breed dog is special? Dogs have such surprise talents and quirks, not to mention their unique shape and color, which helps you always spot them quickly in a dog park lineup! How many times have you been asked, “What a great dog, what kind is he or she?”

Do you marvel in unknown wonderment? Maybe you could have a dog who’s DNA and ancestry hail from a long line of specially-bred snow rescue dogs, fox hunters, sheep herders, bed warmers for royalty or fashion accessories for the rich! Now it’s time to find out!


The Wisdom Panel 2.5™ Dog DNA Breed Test comes to you in a cardboard container. The package includes:

  • Data Sheet
  • Sample Submission Form
  • One DNA Cheek Swab Collection Brush
  • Easy-to-Follow DNA Sample Collection Instructions
  • Pre-Paid Return USPS Mailer

The Wisdom Panel® DNA test kits are provided for DNA collection and can be returned by regular US mail – no special handling is required. (You are welcome to use your expedited methods.) The swabbing procedure is completely non-invasive. No blood, hair or tissue need be extracted. Swabbing is done easily and comfortably by the pet owner, avoiding the trauma and expense of other sampling methods. The swab is a soft bristle brush.


  • Advanced SNP-based DNA Technology Process
  • Identify over 235+ AKC registered breeds
  • Safe, Non-Invasive, Sampling Method
  • No Veterinarian NeededUncle & Max
  • Test at Any Age
  • Quick Turn-Around Time
  • Certificate of Canine Breed Analysis


dog_breed_certificateGet your test now! Breed Test




Disclaimers and Policies

The Wisdom Panel 2.5™ Dog DNA Breed Test is not designed for use as a purebred or paternity verification test and is not an established legal tool. A kennel or breed club certifies a dog’s breed based on pedigree documentation. If necessary, kennel and breed clubs use legally recognized canine paternity testing to verify relationship. These tests use a different type of DNA analysis than the Wisdom Panel 2.5™ Dog DNA Breed Test.

Did You Know?

Approximately 75 million dogs have humans in the United States. 10% of those dogs were rescued from a shelter with little or no known history.

The top 10 dog names of 2011 were: Bella, Max, Buddy, Daisy, Bailey, Lucy, Molly, Coco, Charlie and Rocky.

The list of most unusual names include: Almost-A-Dog, Franco Furter, Stinky McStinkerson, Sir Seamus McPoop, Audrey Shepburn, Dewey Deimell, Knuckles Capone, Beagle Lugosi, Shooter McLovin, Uzi Duzi Du.




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